The Regulation 18 Draft Dover District Local Plan

The draft Regulation 18 Local Plan was published for consultation for a period of eight weeks from January to March 2021.

The purpose of the draft Local Plan was to:

  • Identify the key issues for the District and the options that have been considered to address them;
  • Set out a draft vision for Dover District in 2040 and the objectives needed to meet that vision;
  • Identify the draft strategy for meeting growth and development needs over the next 20 years, and the land required to deliver the strategy; and
  • Set out draft policies for guiding future development in the District.

The PDF of the Regulation 18 Draft Dover District Local Plan can be viewed here.

To find out more about the consultation follow the links below.

We are currently reviewing the comments made on the Regulation 18 Draft Dover District Local Plan, and deciding what changes will be needed, to address issues that have been raised. We are also updating the evidence base to support the Plan.

The next opportunity to comment on the Local Plan will be the Regulation 19 Public Consultation on the Pre-Submission Version of the Draft Local Plan In the Autumn 2022. To be notified about the Local Plan you can sign up to our consultation database as well as Dover District Councils keep me posted.

To find out more about the Local Plan preparation process go to the About page.

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