Regulation 20 Representations page contains Core Submission Document SD04 - Representations received under Regulation 20 to Dover District Local Plan Regulation 19 Submission. 

In summary, these are all the comments (representations) made by all parties on the Local Plan Regulation 19 Submission document when it was open for public consultation in late 2022.

There are several ways to view the comments and for ease of reference a spreadsheet has been created to enable interested persons to more easily locate a comment using the drop down column filtering available, or the search function to search by names, organisation, representation reference or consultation point where the comment was made to the Local Plan.

The schedule is available here: 

SD04a Schedule of representations received under Regulation 20 to Dover District Local Plan Regulation 19 Submission March 2023

If you wish to view the comments in Local Plan order, the online portal (Objective) enables you to use the menu tree and view comments made on each part of the Local Plan document. You can also use the search box to search for a representation number within the relevant area of the plan. Once you have clicked the link below you will need to select "What People Say" in order to see comments on each of the sections. Once you are finished with a section you can go back by pressing the blue "X" in the right corner of the window. 

Consultation Portal (Objective) - What People Say

Alternatively, full representations made, including any attachments, are available below in PDF documents. There representations are in reference number order. Representations were given a prefix of SDLP and then a number as they were processed. The PDFs are broken into groups due to document size. You can use the search function in PDF ("Ctrl F") to locate a specific representation number or specific word such as a name or organisation.

SD04b Schedule of Representations pursuant to Regulation 20 (Plan Order)

SD04c Schedule of Representations pursuant to Regulation 20 (Representation Number Order)

Please note that not every number was allocated, and some comments were inadmissible. Therefore you may notice gaps in the sequence. Please use the schedule above if you wish to clarify these.

To view a summary of all comments, and the Council's response to them, please view Appendix F of SD05d - Consultation Statement SD05d Regulation 22 Part 2 Appendix F -Summary of Representations March 2023 (

Consultation on Sustainability Appraisal Non-Technical Summary and ERRATA Sheet II

Schedule of Representations post submission (NTS and Addendum/Errata) 

 (This document is also in the examination library reference ED11 and the responses are also available the Council’s consultation portal.)